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11-Yr-Old Girl Sent to Boys Loo as Punishment in Hyderabad School

An 11-year-old female student in a private Hyderabad school claims she was sent to the boys’ washroom as punishment for not coming to school in proper uniform.

The girl says the PT teacher caught her on her way to class and began scolding her.

She alleges that there were two-three teachers who decided to put her in the boys’ washroom as punishment.

The child’s uniform was still wet after a wash so she wore regular clothes.

She tried telling the teachers her parents had written a note in her diary, asking her to be excused, but they didn’t listen, she alleges.

The child says she was made to stand in the washroom for five minutes after which was sent back to her class.

Her father is heard telling her in the video that he has brought up the matter with the school and that she would not be bothered again.

But the child refused to go back to school says, “Now that you have brought it up they will beat me and harass me. I will never go back”.

The child’s father has complained to child rights activist Achyuta Rao who says the nature of punishment is also a violation under Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act.


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