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112 police helpline returns, so do blank calls

After a six-month hiatus, Delhi Police has restarted the trial run for their all-encompassing emergency helpline 112.

However, the number, which officers described as the equivalent for the American 911, was greeted by a barrage of blank calls.

Delhi Police has tied up with telecom service providers to separate ‘112’ from the ‘100’ number for the trial run.

An earlier trial run, that was started in October, was cut short in December after the police control room (PCR) unit started to get almost seven times more the number of blank calls that it used to receive earlier.

The trial run for 112 was halted in December after the number of blank calls on the number, and the 100 helpline, went up to a 72,000 calls per day.

“On Friday, 36,585 calls were received on 112,” the officer said. 

The process of tying up with all the telecom service providers started on July 24 and will be completed by August 10.

“The 112 helpline is being operated separately from the 100 number so that we can determine the number of blank calls and the reasons for the calls. We will be writing to the Department of Telecommunications to address the issue after August 10,” he added.

An analysis of blank calls received during the second phase of the trial run of 112 revealed that many people dialled the number by mistake, he said.

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