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14 Genuine Ideas To Impress A Girl

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Impressing a girl is easy as a piece of cake for some, and a hard task for others. On the other hand, some ladies are easily influenced by the guys’ flirtations, and others are not. However, these 14 ideas will help you to impress a girl and win her heart (or at least her interest).

1- Don’t rush, take things slowly

Do not scare your girl by becoming an arduous lover at once, since girls like to go slow. Be her friend to earn her trust, then you can proceed with your relationship.

2- Avoid taking the initiative of touching her

Resist the temptation of touching her to avoid looking as a sex starved man. Let her do the first step. If she holds your hand, then you can take the next step.

3- Know her personality

Knowing her as a person really matters to the girl, so try to find out about her ideas, ambitions, hobbies, beliefs, likes and dislikes and philosophy of life. Surely you will earn her affection in the near future, if you try to understand her.

4- Talk about your family

Talking about your family and showing that you are attached to your family, make your girl feel safe and comfortable.

5- Don’t look at any other girl while being with her

She will disgust your attitude, so avoid looking at another girl when you are with her.

6- Respect her feelings, actions and ideas

Respect her and everything she does and try to not preach her for wrong placed emotions or actions.

7-Do not be too obsessive

Even if you like the girl, don’t directly show your ulterior ambitions. Act normally and calmly, show her that you are a nice person and show genuine interest in her.
8- Girls don’t like crying as babies

Although girls are sensitive, they like strong men, so crying at a movie is not the best attitude to impress your girl.
9- After every meeting, call her

After meeting her, call her and just chat. No need to say special things, just talk as friends You can use the opportunity to drop some interesting compliments.
10- Take care of what she is saying

Show real interest in her words and speeches, even though it may seem boring.

11- Never speak ill of your ex-girlfriends

Avoid speaking in a bad way about your ex-girlfriends since this throws a bad light on you as a man. She will think that you might do the same with her later.

12- Keep your eyes on the face

When talking to a woman, look in her eyes. Avoid roving eyes and looking at her body even if she is not looking.
13- Do not be so curious

Don’t do all the talking and asking, let her be a part of the conversation.
14- Look attractive, handsome and clean 

Please, please, and please… Take care of your look before going to meet a girl, and watch out for your smell. She won’t like you if she finds you dirt or if you overuse the cologne.

Now, let’s impress some girls…

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