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16 NDA MPs cast invalid votes in a dummy poll

In a shocker for NDA, 16 MPS have cast their vote which was invalid in a dummy poll vote exercised by the party. Since today is the voting which is happening to elece the Vice-President where BJP led NDA has nominated Venkaiah Naidu as their candidate against the Congress Candidate Gopalkrihna Gandhi, this has come as a major goof-up.

This has upset BJP chief Amit Shah who has asked those who has committed errors to follow the correct voting procedure as described by senior leaders like Bhupender Yadav so they do not repeat the mistake when the real casting takes place on Friday which is today to elect the second most powerful person as per the Indian Constitution.

There is no rocket science in it, Yadav told the erroneous members as he demonstrated the correct way of voting to ensure that no mistake happens since each and every vote is really crucial in deciding the ultimate winner. It is also to be noted here that both Narendra Modi and Amit Shah has requested the BJP members to vote correctly to ensure that no vote goes in a drain.

Interestingly, even during the presidential poll, 77 votes has been declared as  invalid. While 21 of them were of MPs from various parties, the remaining 44 belonged to the major parties which has not been made public.

For the presidential election, the electoral college also includes MLAs but for vice presidential poll,only members of the two Houses of Parliament can vote.

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