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17 killed in a restaurant attack in Burkina Faso

A Turkish restaurant was attacked in Burkina Faso’s capital Ouagadougou leaving at least 17 people killed and another eight being wounded. This is a suspected terror attack and as per an online portal, a police spokesperson said that heavy gun fire was heard at the restaurant and as a quick measure to bring the situation under control, cops have been deployed in that area.

The attack happened at a restaurant named Aziz Istanbul Patisserie, part of Hotel Bravia and soldiers were deployed with armoured vehicles as they are suspecting that this should be the handiwork of Jihadists. Burkina Faso’s communications minister Remi Dandjinou confirmed that security operations are underway at the restaurant.

The assailants were reportedly armed with automatic firearms which may further increase the casualties, if there are more visitors held as captive inside the restaurant which is not known as of now. Few witnesses said that they saw three armed men who arrived at the restaurant at 10:30PM local time and randomly opened fire towards the visitors who were sitting outside the cafe. According to them, the victim numbers were several many in this African nation which is one of the poorest countries in the world and has been plagued by the presence of Islamic extremists who have always been attacking at their will.

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