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18-year old arrested for London train bombing

The London police today arrested an 18-year old guy in connection with the recent bombing on the underground rail in London. The underground rail is popularly referred to as the Tube. The arrest of the 18-year old man is being seen as a significant development in the efforts to find the people involved in the blast. The blast has been officially tagged as a terrorist strike and authorities have identified it as an improvised explosive device (IED). No one was killed in the blast, but around 30 people were injured in the blast. Post the attack, Britain has been put on ‘critical’ alert, which is the highest security alert to be issued in the United Kingdom. The critical security alert signifies that terrorists may be planning more terror attacks and they need to be hunted down by security forces as soon as possible.

Bomb experts who examined the blast site said that the bomb was homemade and it had probably failed to detonate properly. Due to this, it gave out fire rather than a real explosion, which could have killed several people. This was evident as many witnesses said that they saw a huge wall of fire coming their way inside the train. The 18-year old was arrested today from the port area of Dover, where passenger ferries sail to France. Britain has ordered troops to secure the most important sites such as nuclear power plants and other government installations.

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