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2 busters for Melancholy #Gratitude and Appreciation

NewsPatrolling.comdownload – Sam always seems to be happy, cheerful, bright and sunny unconditionally. His colleagues often used to ask him the secret behind his absolute happiness. In the context of mental stress and other chaos of life, how can he keep balanced with his inner life condition. The query itself gives the way to the solution. Yes, you got it, it’s inner life condition. When one is droopy and gloomy, he seeks many alternative ways to get over his melancholic stage. Depressed person compensate his blue portion(sadness) with a hue of red via positive steps as well as negative steps. Majority of the time the gloomy person choose negative mode. He will think to take drugs or alcohol to make an ease with his present sad life condition. At the most, person even can commit suicide.

The question arises how to combat this type of situation. How to overcome one’s inner workings of devils and obstacles.

Gratitude and appreciation are two magical virtues that when dissolved in each and every nerve, fibers, tissues and cells of our body, mind and soul can make the impossible to possible. I read somewhere, appreciate what you have otherwise it will become what you had. We often become blind to the things we possess. How many of you appreciate the basic requirements for your survival? Roof above your head, breath you are inhaling and exhaling now, food, water, electricity, alive parents and loved ones and above all you are alive..

Let’s inculcate this habit of appreciation in our daily lives. It’s said, if you do same thing continuously for 21 days, it will become your natural habit. I remember the phase of my life, when I was going with some tough situation, that time I started recalling and treasuring all the things, people and situations I have. You will not believe, I made a list of 200 things, situation and people for whom my heart owe gratitude and feel appreciation.

When we praise a property, we can double its value. Isn’t it? Yes, we can. Similarly, why can’t we apply this principle in our daily lives too.

If your kid doesn’t obey you, start appreciating him or her to the extent to raise his self esteem to the highest level of growth. When I started appreciating my small 6 yrs old son, he himself became responsible to take care of his belongings and putting them into the proper place. To my astonishment, he started writing his homework by his own!!

Pause and start practicing to appreciate each and every situation or person you encounter with. You will see a drastic change in your life. When you face the sun, all shadows will fall behind you. So, it’s the magic to always look at the brighter side of everything.

By Archana Raulo

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