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200 students participated in ‘Korean Cuisine Cooking Class’ held at KCCI

27, October 2018, New Delhi: Korean Cultural Centre India organised one day ‘Korean Cuisine Cooking Class’ where 200 Indian students who are learning Korean language at King Sejong Institute participated from across Delhi NCR. The workshop offered a learning platform where one could not only taste but also learn the minute details on preparation of famous Korean cuisine

The class was divided into two batches, from 10:00 Am to 03:00 pm, with each batch comprising of 100 students. “Gimbap” and “Tteokbokki” are the main dishes today, which are the most popular and famous street food of Korea. Minute preparation techniques from grilling to garnishing and presentation of the dishes were demonstrated.

Mr. Kim KumPyoung, Director of Korean Cultural Centre India said that food is a way to reach out to the heart. “With K-Wave Indians are now becoming familiar with Korean food too. There is a myth about scarcity of Korean vegetarian food. Koreans have a lot on the platter to offer in veg too which is very familiar to the Indian taste buds. Korean food is also considered very healthy as it avoids deep roasting and the main ingredients consist of natural ingredients” he added. The huge participation in the workshop shows Indians love for Korean culture and cuisine.

Head Chef Ajay said “This workshop has provided good opportunity for students for learning Korean food. The curiosity and zeal of learning was clearly seen by participants.  It was an amazing experience over all.

Participant Roshika said “I love cooking, I really enjoy cooking. I made Korean food here and it is quite different in terms of making process, like in Indian food, we do it in a reverse way like first fry the onions then add the pulse but here in Korean food especially in Tteokbokki, first we added pulse then Onions, carrot and other Ingredients. It was really testy and healthy.

Participant Broskey said “it was a great experience learning new dishes. I learnt preparing Tteokbokki and Gimbap which was not only easy to cook but also very healthy and tasty. I am going to have it more often now.”

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