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2019 International Children’s Peace Prize nominees declared

 3 Child Champions selected from Save the Children, India

19 September, New Delhi:“All children want to make their dreams a reality but are unable to because of the circumstances they are born in. Those who are rich can depend on people to help them realize their potential but people must give opportunities to those less fortunate as well”, voiced Soni Khatoon from Kolkata (India), who is one of the nominees for the2019 International Children’s Peace Prize.

The prize is awarded annually to children who are crusaders of children’s rights. The nominees of 2019 demonstrate these children as Changemakers. Out of 120 children nominated, most hail from Bangladesh (13) and Kenya (10), closely followed by India (10). This year’s nominees together defend the rights of children on a wide range of issues, including Child Participation, Education, Gender Equality, and various other pressing global challenges. This year three Child Champions from Save the Children have bagged nominations, out of the 10 for these awards. The winner will be announced on September 30th, 2019.

Congratulating the nominees, Bidisha Pillai, CEO, Save the Children said, “2019 is a milestone year for Save the Children,as it completes a hundred years. It has been a tireless relentless journey to ensure that every child has access to their right, that every child has a voice. And, over the years, children have walked along as crusaders of child rights. I congratulate every nominated child for the wonderful work they are doing in their respective countries to fulfil their dream of a better world. Together, wewish for a world when children don’t need to be saved, fight for their rights; where organisations like Save the Children do not need to exist”.

KidsRights’ founder Marc Dullaert: “This year’s nominees show that children really can make an impact, and drive positive change in their community and therefore make the world a better place. For example, look at all the children participating in the current youth climate protests worldwide.”

One of the nominees from Save the Children, India, Sumitfrom Delhiuses rapping as an innovative tool to raise awareness in the society. He wrote his first song to try convincing his father into building a toilet in their house. It has been 4 years since and he has been using the same method to raise awareness, especially on child rights, importance of using toilets and hand washing, and his own life and journey. He started his own crew who has been making music about issues in their community for the past year and a half. He performed with his crew and alone more than 50-60 times at different platforms, some with the help of Save the Children and others with his local community. His efforts got him to the global stage at the PMNCH Partner’s Forum last year, organized by the Indian government and world leaders.

Subhasmita, from Odisha, has always taken keen interest in upholding the rights of children not as an individual, but also for her community. After becoming leader of the Child Cabinet in the school, Subhasmita took initiative to regularise the meeting of this student’s body. With support from her teachers and Save the Children, she had identified at least 6 children who were eligible for the Middle School but were dropouts. She visited the home of each child who was not going to school. Subhasmita, with support from her Head Master, convinced the parents of the children who were not attending school to send them back to studying. With support from the school Head Master and Save the Children, she met the local self-government leaders as well, to counsel the parents of the children who were not attending school.

The International Children’s Peace Prize, launched by KidsRights during the 2005 World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates, is presented every year by a Nobel Peace Laureate.

In 2019, children from about 56 countries have been nominated for the remarkable commitment to combating problems millions of children face worldwide. The International Children’s Peace Prize has become a global phenomenon and reached out last year to more than 1.2billion people around the world with the message of the young winner.

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