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Thursday , 27 June 2019
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21-year-old woman rescued from Blue Whale challenge in Puducherry

The curiosity about the suicide game Blue Whale Challenge is spreading across India.

Google search data is enough proof.

But what is spreading along with this curiosity is danger. And panic.

A 21-year-old woman in Puducherry who was allegedly about to finish the Blue Whale suicide challenge game was rescued on Sunday, the police said.

The woman was found walking alone on a beachside road early in the morning, police said, adding her wrist had cut marks.

Priya contacted one of her friends, said that she doesn’t know where she was, and disconnected the call.

Her friend panicked and informed the police immediately.

On analysing her phone, the cops were shocked to see that Priya had taken up the Blue Whale Challenge.

Priya’s parents were alerted about her involvement in the challenge.

Priya’s colleagues, who described her as a jovial person, said that over the past few days she came across as extremely depressed.

The police requested the people to be more alert about what their children are up to.

The police have asked Puducherry residents to contact them on the WhatsApp group if they suspected someone of playing the Blue Whale game.

Senior police officer SK Gautam gave Rs 2,000 as a token of thanks to the sub-inspector who saved the woman.

A constable who accompanied the sub-inspector was also rewarded.





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