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24-year-old Delhi businessman killed in bike race, accident caught on camera

A 24-year-old Bansal died on Tuesday after he lost control over his motorcycle while racing two of his friends in Delhi, said the police. 

Bansal was the son of a businessman in east Delhi’s Vivek Vihar.

The crash happened near the Mandi House metro station, was recorded on camera by one of the three motorcyclists. 

Himanshu Bansal was declared brought dead at LNJP Hospital.

Bansal and his friends Gazi and Lakshay were riding Benelli TNT 600i bikes.

They were racing during peak traffic hours while on their way from Connaught Place to Mandi House after attending a party.

A police officer said, “These are expensive motorcycles, cost between Rs 4 and Rs 6 lakh, and can reach top speeds of nearly 200 km an hour within seconds.”

Near the Mandi House metro station, Bansal hit a man trying to cross the road.

In the video, it is seen that Bansal lost control over his bike, and was thrown off the motorcycle. He hit the sidewalk outside Lady Irwin College.



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