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250 migrants feared dead, as two boats sink in Mediterranean Sea

European sources have reported that around 250 African migrants might be dead, as they have found two partially submerged rubber dinghies and several corpses floating near the dinghies. The scene of the mishap was discovered by a rescue boat, roughly around 15 miles off the Libyan coast. The rescue boat belongs to the Spanish charity organization Proactiva Open Arms that seeks to provide the necessary help to migrants. Speaking on the development, a member of Proactiva Open Arms Laura Lanuza said that there does not seem to be any other possibility, except that these boats were full of people.

Lanuza believes that each of these boats must have been carrying around 120-140 people. She said that such boats were always found to be full of African migrants. According to Lanuza, the bodies recovered are of African men in the age group of 16-25 years. She said that they must have drowned at least 24 hours prior to being discovered. Sinking of migrant boats has become quite commonplace since traffickers often use inferior quality boats and overload them much beyond their standard capacity.

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