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3 Branding Trends That Ruled 2018

Yes, the way brands both big and small had their customers keep saying “yes” changed big in 2018. Gone are the days of selling the logistics of the brand. And with our culture evolving at a faster and faster pace- our branding methods are accelerating and evolving even faster.

In this month’s issue of EmpiHER® Magazine, Neuro Human Branding® Academy ( shares 3 relatively off the book branding and marketing tactics that became mainstream in 2018.

  • Movement Based Messaging. The states are seeing a division of beliefs and both sides feel unheard and unloved. Pepsi tried tapping into this in 2017 with the failed Kyle Jenner campaign. More brands attempted this connection (can we say Nike) as a way to bring in new customers who identify with the movement and in turn will create a strong and loyal customer base for the brand.
  • Relationship-Based Selling. No one wants to be “sold.” Brands will be using your friends more and more to be brand ambassadors to get their products into your hands. This coming year we are going to see the rise of big named brands using their audience to sell to the masses. So yes, your friends will be using your Facebook feed to hit you up.
  • Trends and Fads. We saw more trends and fads get buzz than we have in years past. Trends and fads are fun and in opposition to the political/ societal drama -we want them. The best trends tap our psychology and biology- aka pumpkin spice. Look for all types of brands from big box chains (Walmart’s gourmet restaurant to clothing lines jump on the trend wagon. )

Catch the complete article in December’s issue of EmpiHER® Magazine on digital and real-world newsstands now.  ( )

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