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3 Quick Ayurvedic treatments for Fever

ayurvedic treatment for fever

Fever is a seasonal disease caused by infection. There are various factors which may contribute to fever such as climactic changes, place change, unhealthy food practices, extreme physical exertion and heat. Fever causes a rise in the body temperature, which is an immediate body reaction to fight infection. The symptoms of fever might prevail for 2-7 days. And during these days the patient might feel body ache, headache, nausea, cough & cold and weakness. There are some great remedies, prescribed as a part of the ayurvedic treatment. The best thing is: these medicines are easily available within any kitchen. Let’s take a look at 3 most effective ayurvedic treatments for fever.

#1: Ginger

Ginger shows great results when used to combat various ailments. It can fight infections caused by viruses and bacteria. Ginger can also cure any inflammation of the body. If you suffer from infection related diseases regularly, then add ginger to your daily diet. You should also start consuming the ginger tea quite often. You can also use ginger with lemon tea to enrich the taste. For better results, try to replace sugar with honey (while preparing the tea).

#2: Cinnamon

Cinnamon is known to provide quick relief from throat infection and general cough & cold. This aromatic spice also contains antibiotic properties that can effectively prevent flu. Again, cinnamon can be consumed along with the tea. It will improve the aroma and taste of your tea and bring in many health benefits too. Making this drink a part of your daily regime would keep you away fever and other infection related problems.

#3: Garlic

Crushed garlic has been used for many centuries (as far as Ayurvedic treatment is concerned) to combat cough, cold and fever. Coming with anti-bacterial properties, crushed garlic offers quick relief from the symptoms of fever, cough & cold. You may consume 4-6 garlic cloves directly or if you find the flavor and smell too strong you may take it with some curd. Once consumed garlic heats up the body and starts countering the viruses. It provides a quick relief from some of the symptoms. Regular intake of garlic also strengthens your body and prevents future virus attacks to a large level.

Ayurvedic treatment, prescribed in those ancient texts, try to get to root of the problem and remove it. This is why, when you suffer from fever next, do try some of the above mentioned ayurvedic remedies.

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