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3 years of Modi Government: 63% people say no change in unemployment

One of the major promises made by BJP during elections was that one crore jobs will be created every year. However, a recent survey conducted on the eve of 3 years of Narendra Modi government has revealed some startling facts. 63% of people who participated in the survey said that there has been no significant change in unemployment in the last 3 years. The survey was conducted by LocalCircles, which is a citizen engagement platform. This view is supported by data available with the labor bureau, which shows that job creation could actually be at the lowest in the last eight years. In 2015, total jobs created was 1.55 lakh and in 2016 (April-December), total jobs created was 2.31 lakh in numbers.

These numbers are much lower than what was promised during elections. Even if we compare these numbers with the 2009 data, it is still quite low since in 2009, more than 10 lakh jobs were created. Data for last year, available with the labor bureau, shows that jobs have been shrinking in most key sectors such as textiles, leather, metals, automobiles, gems and jewelry, transport, information technology and handloom.

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