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30 people punished in China for deadly power plant blast The Chinese government has taken a tough stand against the people involved in the deadly power plant blast that occurred in Dangyang city in central Hubei in August 2016. More than 30 people have been convicted and punished by Chinese authorities and 14 more are awaiting trial. It may be recalled that the power plant blast was quite massive and it had resulted in the death of 22 people and several people getting injured. The irony is that the power plant blast occurred on the eve of the first anniversary marking massive Tianjin explosions that had prompted the Chinese government to make significant changes to the country’s industrial safety policies.

Since Chinese media is strictly controlled by the government, details about the 30 people that have been punished have not been revealed. However, sources said that the Chinese government will not stop at this and is likely to take action against other people as well including Yu Huaqiang, general manager of Huaqiang Chemical Group that built the power plant. 13 more people are currently under investigation and action can be taken against them as well. Sources said that the massive power plant blast had occurred when workers were testing thermo power facilities. A leak from a poor quality pipe nozzle had led to the massive blast.

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