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Home based chopper is ready to take fly – Kerala

Kerala, 54-year-old D Sadasivan, who studied till X class, made home-based craft. It took some four years to create the craft. Principle of his daughter’s school requested him to make a model of helicopter to retain in school, and he thought to make the actual helicopter, he said. chopper He has been organizing an engineering workshop and achieved to build chopper on his lawn. Home based chopper was showed to the students in a private school in Kerala and first test flight will be steered in a month time.

Interestingly he used engine of a Maruti 800.  Chopper’s exterior is made of aluminum and interior is of iron made. Autoricshaw’s glass is used as windbreak. Further he said that to fly chopper he needs clearance from various agencies but he can fly chopper within reach of his property.

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