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Wednesday , 26 June 2019
Breaking News

35 Russian diplomats expelled from the US – In a shocking move that has taken the diplomatic world by surprise, the United States has expelled over 35 Russian diplomats from their country, late last night. Furthermore two Russian compounds that were used by Russia for recreational purposes were shuttered. The expelled diplomats have 72 hours to leave the country.

Outgoing President Obama has sanctioned four members of the GRU, .i.e. Lieutenant General Korobov and three other unnamed members reporting to him. Other individuals who have been sanctioned include Yevgeny Bogachev, Alexei Belan and two more Russian nationals whose names were not disclosed.

Many believe that this is a long overdue action for the hacking done by Russian hackers, but the White House clarified that these diplomats were expelled for a troubling behaviour exhibited by the Russian authorities against American officials in Russia. They said that American diplomats were routinely harassed by Russian officials and police and this was in response to that.

Many industry experts believe that any evidence dished out by the US intelligence agencies is looked at with suspicion, due to the false intelligence inputs that resulted in the Iraq. In this case, Americans are more inclined to believe that Russia was responsible to the hacking of the servers of the Democratic National Party. It was a private cyber security contractor which said that the Russians were responsible for hacking into the servers of the Democratic National Party. The evidence this time around also seems to be on flimsy grounds as no intelligence chief has agreed to brief the US house of Congress and the US Senate. Thus, their actions again put into question how true the evidence against Russia is.

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