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BJP believes every woman has the protection of Constitutional Rights

Amit Shah, BJP’s Party President said yesterday that his party is striving hard to end the woes suffered by Muslim women due to the triple talaq. He said it is a separate issue from that of Uniform Civil Code. While addressing the press persons, he added “Triple talaq must stop… it should not continue,” and further continued saying “I believe women should get their deserved rights”, “In India, every woman, irrespective of caste, creed and religion should enjoy constitutional rights, but triple talaq often takes away the right of Muslim women. We are against talaq and the party’s stand on the issue has already been conveyed to the Supreme Court”.

It is to be noted here that Mr Shah prior to winning the elections in the U.P. has said that he would consult with the Muslim women on his issue should the party wins the elections.

He also spoke about Tripura. He said “For the past 25 years, Tripura is experiencing an atmosphere of corruption where law and order situation has virtually collapsed  and women are not safe”. He said his party is looking to strengthen the base the=ugh they are open to alliance with non-left political parties thereby ending the marxist rule.

“Marxist violence and vindictiveness cannot stop the BJP’s rise in the state. BJP will gain more ground if the ruling party continues to let loose its terror,” he said.

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