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Friday , 26 April 2019
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4 awesome plants for your cozy kitchen garden

If you love cooking, you would know how nice it feels to own a personal kitchen garden.  Growing your own vegetables fills you with immense pleasure and joy. But owing to space constraint in our homes, not all of us can have a kitchen garden. At most, what we can have is a very compact kitchen garden in our balconies. 

Owing to space constraint you can only have few pots and jars and have small plants, that do not outgrow the pots. Below are some plants that you may grow in your compact kitchen garden in your balcony:

  1. Small tomatoes: Available in shades of red and yellow, small-fruited tomatoes are often very prolific. One plant can produce several pounds of fruit from midsummer until frost.
  2. Ladies finger: These are ideal for growing in pots and gives sufficient produce.  If you are a newbie in gardening or planning to start this summer? Then growing lady’s finger is the right choice.
  3. Green chillies: Growing Chillies requires a warm growing environment and so unless you live in a warm climate your Chillie plants will spend a considerable amount of time indoors or in the greenhouse. Chillies are most often grown in pots or grow-bags and are a good source of vitamin C. They also stimulate the circulation and boost metabolism so give a feeling of energy.
  4. Brinjal:  In order to house a mature eggplant, you may need a pot which must have a capacity of 5 gallon and should be full of soil. This pot can house one eggplant which will have one foot space to grow successfully.

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