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4 lung cancer causes that don’t stem from smoking

lung cancer

Lung cancer is more common in non-smokers than many people realize. Indeed, lung cancer is now considered the most common cause of cancer deaths. In general, 10 percent to 15 percent of lung malignant growths happen in non-smokers.About half of the tumors have mutations that can be targeted by new drugs in people who have never smoked. This may explain why non – smokers with lung cancer tend to live longer with the disease than current and former smokers.

Some causes of lung cancer that are not related to tobacco include:

  1. Radon:

Radon gas exposure in our homes is the main cause of non-smoker lung cancer.Radon gas, a result of uranium separating, can be found noticeable all around us and is commonly innocuous. The danger arises when this naturally occurring radioactive gas in the soil, as in mines and in the lower floors of some homes, is trapped and concentrated.Since radon can’t be seen and has no scent, the best way to know whether it’s there is to test for it.

  1. Secondhand smoke:

Some 15 to 35% of non-smoking lung cancers can be caused by second – hand smoke, also known as passive smoke.Two distinct sorts exist. Side-stream smoke is the point at which a non-smoking individual breathes in smoke from the cigarette or cigar end of the individual. The standard smoke is the point at which a non-smoking individual breathes in the smoker’s breathed out smoke.

  1. Asbestos:

Asbestos alludes to a gathering of minerals found in many building materials and additionally vehicle parts and ships.You’re most in danger of creating lung disease from asbestos in the event that if you work in a high-hazard industry, for example, development, particularly if the activity includes evacuating asbestos.

  1. Air pollution:

Contamination from vehicle exhaust, control plants, wood stoves, and different sources contain small particles which can also cause lung cancer.The Clean Air Act has significantly diminished air contamination and lung malignancy caused by air contamination.

In case you’ve never smoked, the best thing you can do to dodge lung danger is maintaining a strategic distance from people who are smoking, test for radon at home, and guarantee work prosperity models are set up if you work in a high-peril industry.A healthy fruit and vegetable diet can help to prevent lung cancer.

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