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Tuesday , 25 June 2019
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4 special ways to learn, play and add meaning to the day

Make a life that adds Experiences & Memoirs to each day!

          Adding excitement and meaning to our day as well as in our kids’ life, should be a daily endeavor and be given utmost importance. Each day is exclusive, once in a lifetime opportunity and entirely in our control. It is upon us to prioritize our responsibilities and routine chores and the significance we hold for the activities that make all of us happy. Below are four amazing ideas to make each day special, memorable and worth living:

  1. Greeting people is a lovely gesture that, over a period of time, builds stronger relationships. Wishing for people to have a good day, afternoon or evening, with a radiating smile is will not just make you stand apart and make people like you more but also increase your confidence and positivity. Kissing your kids good morning and blessing them with a welcoming smile is sure shot way of making them feel loved and desired. This is also a good way of instilling a good communicative behavior in children
  1. Any time during the day and every day, pick an hour or so that shall be lived without any electronic devices. Spend time talking to your family members including children. Discuss each others’ day, and encourage kids to talk about the new things they are learning, or something that they wish to hear. Even when hanging out with other friends and relatives, avoid grabbing your mobile in every few minutes. Give your complete attention to the person you are sitting with and make them feel listened. Spend some time daily in reading, dancing, playing an instrument or any activity that you are fervent about. It is very liberating and relaxing
  1. Get playful with kids and involve yourself in outdoor games and picnics with them. Plan weekend getaways, walks, treks, swim or just take a jog in the morning with your children. Set an example by maintaining your fitness as a parent first before expecting children to be active. Appreciate their involvement and reward them occasionally with an ice cream or a pizza treat
  1. Involve kids in household chores like cleaning, bed making, grocery shopping, casual cooking, baking, gardening, as well as maintaining the bedrooms and their cupboards to help them become responsible, organized and independent. Kids should also be involved in planning related to investments, shopping, entertainment, travel, budgeting as well as saving, thus building their clear though process

Incorporating a lifestyle that creates experiences and reminiscences is what adds to life! Everyday should be planned or sometimes, acted upon on impulse to create an adventure that brings happiness and complete rejuvenation. Learning, innovating, creating, giving, helping and rejoicing should be the way of life where each day adds element of contentment and harmony. Acts of selflessness should be a part of one’s personality to make surroundings a better place. Gradually such steps will make each day special and blissful!

By: Mr. Nimish Kenia Co-Founder Happy Planet

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