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Friday , 24 May 2019
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4 things that people secretly Google at workplace ;)

There are days when we get embarrassed at our workplace because of people getting to know accidentally about what we were looking for on Google secretly. It is nothing serious, though! Everyone has such days, and it is a pretty normal thing if you can combat the situation and the questions smartly.

We all have those moments at work place when we need to ask Mr Google to help us with his knowledge and insights on some of the instant questions that comes across us while we are working. These may be:

  1. The buzzwords that everyone is using!
    It happens many a times with me when I am conversing my colleagues. They are using a certain word, and keeps on using them at regular intervals during the conversation! This makes me all the more impatient to silently take out my mobile and Google that word.
  2. Obscure acronyms
    Thanks to texting apps, this has made the situation worse! People have started using acronyms even while talking. For instance, rather than saying ‘Oh My God’ they would say ‘OMG’. But it is not a serious issue as far as they are using these usual acronyms. Problem arises when they throw at you various new acronyms every other day, such as, TIL (Today I Learnt) and BAU (Business As Usual).
  3. Technical stuff such as making a three way call
    There are times when you need a technical help from the colleagues, but you feel too stupid about not knowing it. In situation such as these, we end up asking Mr Google to solve our queries.
  4. Trying to understand a movie reference your co-worker makes all the time
    Not everyone follows the same genre of cinema, and hence reference also varies. This problem becomes more evident when we are doing some serious conversation with out seniors and they refer to some movie for explaining a certain situation.

Do let us know if you guys also have any interesting inputs to give here!

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