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44% of India’s aged treated badly in public

Respect for elderly is supposed to be ingrained in Indian culture but it may not be reflected in daily life.

Helpage India study says 44%  of elders said they were treated badly in public and 53% said they believed that Indian society discriminates against elders.

Above 60 , living in Bengaluru is not a walk in the park but a nightmare.

70% of elders said they had experienced abuse and mistreatment in public places.

However Delhi emerged as a comparatively caring society with only 23% .

How India treats its elderly-A National study 2017 released in the capital Helpage India CEO Mathew Cherian said  “The findings worry me. Elder abuse is a sensitive topic. Over the past few years we have been studying and researching elder abuse within the closed doors of one’s home. This year we decided to move out into the much broader area of public space, where mistreatment and abuse is inexcusable.”

Among all the cities, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Bhubaneswar and Chennai are the worst five cities where elders are ill-treated in public places.

42% of elders like going out and cope with challenges said they avoid stepping out as far as possible. 

38% outgoing elderly was fear of mishaps due to negligence by others. 22% cited lack of medical help in emergency,10% feared theft and 6% was inadequate restrooms.

The study reveals that 17% of mall staff behave badly with elders.

72% metro using elderly said very often they were offered a seat, 28% said sometimes and 1% said never. 62% bus users said they were offered a seat. 

Manjira Khurana, country head, Communications and Advocacy, HelpAge India said, “The core of it all is ageism, which is discrimination on the basis of age. Few understand it, but practise it knowingly or unknowingly. Simple things like assuming elders don’t understand technology, or being impatient with elders are examples.”

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