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4620 lives lost in India in 4 years due to heat wave

Heat Waves so far has caused 4,620 deaths in India in the past 4 years alone as per the official records with more than 90% of the death coming from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana where some 4,246 people had died.

The death tolls given year wise:

2013 – 143

2014 – 549

2015 – 2081

2016 – 1600

IMD started issuing heat wave alerts since last year. A heat wave is declared when the temperature crosses 45 degrees Celsius. For clear understanding, a “Heat Wave” alert is issued when the temperature is 4-5 degrees above the normal temperature and when it crosses 6 degrees, “Severe Heat Wave” alert is issued.

There were 74 days of severe heat wave on an average between 1961 and 1970. It came down to 34 between 1971-1980. From 1981-1990, it was 45 days and between 1991-2000, it was 8 days. However between 2001-2010, it went to an all time high of 98 days.

Global Warming is one of the main reasons for the sever heat wave.

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