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5 Injured As Jet Blast Breaks IndiGo Bus Window At Delhi Airport

Five passengers in an IndiGo bus at Delhi airport injured after one of the windows of the bus shattered due to jet blast, allegedly from a SpiceJet aircraft that was taxiing after landing. 

An indigo spokesperson said the right front window of its bus was broken from the force of the jet blast at Indira Gandhi International Airport at 4:50 pm on Friday. 

The ground staff immediately alerted the airport staff and took the injured to airport clinic.

The Mumbai-bound flight departed from Delhi after ensuring all passengers had been given assistance, IndiGo said.

“IndiGo Coach number 34 was parked at Bay 17 yesterday at 16:50 hours for boarding of passengers on flight 6E-191 enroute Delhi-Mumbai. At the same time, an arriving aircraft of Spicejet SG-253 took a turn to park at the allocated bay,” IndiGo said in a statement. “The jet blast from the aircraft broke the right front window glass of the coach,” IndiGo said in the statement.

SpiceJet said it is too early to say if the window of the bus shattered due to an outside object, or jet blast of the SpiceJet aircraft, or the bus straying away from its lane.

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