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5 Reasons Why Saree Shapewear Is a Must-Have This Festive Season

It’s time to trade your comfy loungewear for some timeless Sarees, Lehengas, and Chaniya Cholis. Yes, the much-awaited festivities are finally here! But is there something that is keeping you from going all out and dressing up in your finest? A bit of a ‘quarantine tummy’ perhaps? Don’t worry ladies, we have an amazing solution for you! Try the Zivame Saree Shapewear- a multipurpose Shapewear underskirt that is a must-have if you want killer curves, and a seamless mermaid silhouette this festive season.

Here are 5 reasons you need the Saree Shapewear in your festive wardrobe right now:

1.No Strings Attached

The Saree Shapewear is a new-age petticoat that works as an underskirt and Shapewear. Unlike the messy, old-school petticoat, it is totally seamless and gives you a smooth fit. You will never have to deal with strings bunching up at your tummy or chafing again. The Saree Shapewear is soft to touch and comfortable to wear – no extra fabric, no seams, and absolutely no bulk ruining your Saree silhouette.

2. 100% Secure

So how exactly does the Saree Shapewear hold your Saree in place? Simple! Its thick elastic waistband ensures that your Saree’s weight is perfectly balanced and doesn’t slip or slide. Now, your pleats will not come undone while dancing! Just relax, immerse yourself in the festivities and leave the rest to the Saree Shapewear!

3. Va-va-voom Shape

What’s more? This is not just an underskirt, it’s Shapewear! That ‘quarantine tummy’? Poof…gone! The Saree Shapewear smoothens your love handles, sculpts your tummy, lifts your rear, and tightens your thighs for the perfect mermaid silhouette. Why wear Shapewear under your petticoat when you can do both at the same time with the Saree Shapewear.

4. Comfort & Ease of Wearing

This Shapewear skirt is like no other. Try our latest 12-hour, low- compression Saree Shapewear that keeps you taut and comfortable from morning to night without any problems. Its flared skirt design gives incredible ease of movement so you can dance all night long- just perfect a for festive night!

Psst: If sculpting is your priority, you can go for our Saree Shapewear in high and medium compression to look slimmer by 1-2 inches.

5. Variety galore

The Saree Shapewear is available in neutral and colourful shades to match with your Saree. Plus, it’s available in sizes S-2XL! What’s wonderful about it is that you can pair it with your Saree for a family get-together, a long skirt for ‘taash nights’, Chaniya choli for Dandiya nights, Lehenga for Diwali party, a Gown for a cocktail party, and more!

Once you try the Saree Shapewear, you will quickly realise that it is a perfect match for not only your Saree but other festive wear outfits as well!

Leave behind your uncomfy petticoats and step into the modern world of Saree Shapewear this festive season! Head to Zivame and bring home your Saree Shapewear today!

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