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5 soldiers lose their lives after being evacuated from under an avalanche

5 Indian Army soldiers tragically lost their lives right after they were evacuated from under an avalanche of snow. They were trapped under an avalanche in the Machil district of North Kashmir and were being taken to a hospital in Srinagar. The soldiers needed specialist medical care that could be given only in Srinagar. The soldiers were being treated for hypothermia.

The soldiers were trapped under snow after the snow track that they were travelling on near the LoC caved in. this incident occurred after 2 avalanches that hit a military post and killed 15 soldiers. The mortal remains of these soldiers could not be flown out of the area due to poor weather conditions that did not allow any airborne vehicle to operate.

Military officials had evacuated many residents from other high risk areas. They had also rescued many Kashmiris who were stuck in their houses which were covered in snow.

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