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5 Strategies You Could Follow To Make Money With Mobile Casino

The surge of online casinos in last 5 years has taken the internet by the storm. Gambling no longer has a shady reputation in the market and the number of punters is growing across the globe every day. To be honest, the online gambling industry had to thrive. The magnetism and the charismatic glamour associated with casinos was already in the minds of people but travelling to a casino was the catch — that’s where the change took place. Landing the gambling industry on the digital playground was the game changer and that’s the reasons why you can find hundreds and thousand of punters live every hour on any reliable gambling site like JeetWin, Sevenjackpots, 888 Casino, etc. — one of the most important thing to learn before going any further is to gamble at the right place.

High rollers don’t throw away their money and lady luck showers them with money; they follow certain disciplines and rules in order to achieve success at the world of online gambling. Every card you throw, every dice you roll and every lever you pull needs to be a part of your plan. So, ready to turn into a sharp-witted player? Let’s roll (pun intended).

  1. Make use of no deposit bonus:

There’s always a tussle going on between gambling sites to attract new players. They go to great lengths to lure you with exciting offers. Imagine getting free spins on a jackpot slot. Would you miss that? Of course not. Gaining this advantage would be the first thing that would separate you from the rest of the newbies. These offers help you familiarize with the dynamics of the casino and could increase your chances of winning. Make sure before you get excited by the first offer you see and hit the sign-up button, you compare all the bonuses of all the competitive sites to get the best deal in place. There are plenty of websites that compare the latest welcome bonus offers to help newbies find the best deal. A few minutes of internet won’t cost a dime. In fact, it would save a few.

  1. Understand how odds and probabilities work and compare the games:

Knowledge of odds and probabilities is a must-have for any gambler. Placing a wager without the understanding of odds is like betting on the prettiest horse in a horse race. Different games have different odds and payouts. While some gave give you realistic chances to win big, some are just money eating machine that are made to run your wallet dry (if not played carefully). This doesn’t imply that only games with high odds of winning should be fancied by the players. It’s just a safe strategy to avoid losing a big dough.

There are two basic things that you need to understand – odds and RTP.

Odds are numbers that tell you about the probability of the given event and the amount of money you’d getting for your stakes.

Odds for Probability:

Odds for probabilities could come in the form of fractions or in the form of decimal numbers. You can find the want to calculate the probability of the given event by this simple formula:

If the odds are given in the form of A/B, Probability would be B/(A+B).

For example, an event with the odds 5/1 will have the probability 1/ (1+5) = 0.166 — which means 16.6% chance that the event will happen.

You can skip this part if you already know about these terms.

Odds for the calculation of Winnings:

Calculating winnings is simple. In case of fractions, if the given odds are A/B, it means for every B value you put, you’ll win A amount of money along with the return of your stakes. For example, 5/1 means for every £1 you bet, you will win £5.

The formula is a bit different in case of decimals. If the odds are A and the stakes involved are B, your winnings will be equal to (A*B)-B. For example, if odds are 2.0, winnings would be calculated as (2.0 * £10 stake) – £10 stake = £10 winnings.


RTP is Return to Player, which percentage of the bet the player will be getting in return on average. For example, if the RTP is 99%, on every £1 you bet, you’ll be getting a return of 99 cents.

Keeping these terms in the minds, you could compare different casino games and the given odds, and pick your games accordingly. Games with high RTP will mushroom your chances of winning. Games like Blackjack, Baccarat, Video Poker and Roulette have good odds of winning and generally offer high RTP.

  1. Do your homework and research:

It’s the basic practice of getting into any task. Having handful knowledge of ins and outs would always make your performance better. In the field of online gambling, there are loads websites and blogs that share useful information about different games and the strategies you could use to maximize your profits. Yet, a lot of players jump in the betting pool with their fingers crossed. Sure, their luck might get them lucky. But the likelihood of that is pretty low. And more importantly, it’s your hard-earned money that you’re gambling. It’s just a matter of some hours of research. You can even go to the different communities of online gambling and ask people any question that comes to your mind. Reddit is a pretty active platform and you’d probably get a response within an hour or so. Best part about it is the fact that the best content will be shown the top of the subreddit. So, you can gain knowledge of hindsight by different punters in the discussions. You can also follow different gambling magazines and websites and professional writers. There’s a myriad of free-information to learn. Just be careful about the source you’re learning from. Not every advice is great. So, make sure your source of information is reliable.

  1. Practice before you enter the battleground:

Anther one from the textbook. Theoretical and practical knowledge have a fine line between them. Knowing about the dynamics of a game and playing in real-time are miles apart. You can practice casino games offline to study game features, multiplies and pay tables. This would not hone your knowledge of the game but also improve your decision making would make a big difference when you put real money on the table.

  1. Keep an Eye on the coming deals:

As the online casino market is highly competitive, the betting operators are compelled to offer promotional offers and discounts time-to-time to their loyal customers in order to retain them. As user’s data is pretty vulnerable nowadays, once enter the online gambling ecosystem, you start getting emails and ads related to the industry. Even the companies are aware that their customers could be lured-away by their competitors in the market, they keep coming up with different bonus. Generally, companies give in the time of big events like Super Bowl World Cups or NBA finals. Once you get in into the category of ‘Loyal Customers’, you even get the perks of rewards system — you get points for every bet you place. It’s more of a win-win situation for the customers. Make sure you get most out of these promotional offers.

Before we end, we’d like to give some bonus tips. First of all, never ever let emotions or anxieties get the better of you. Make sure you set your limits and never go above and beyond in the heat of the moment.  The games are meant to be played for fun and enjoyment, don’t get overwhelmed by the intensity of the game. As the basketball legend Michael Jordan says, “I want people to understand, gambling is not a bad thing if you do it within the framework of what it’s meant to be, which is fun and entertaining. Once you realise things are getting out of the hand, it is your signal to call it a day. Another advice would be to stay away from alcohol as it impairs your judgement to some and you wouldn’t want to be the drunk guy on the table, would you?

There are plenty of other proven strategies that you could follow to buttress your gambling skills. However, the ones mentioned above would get your fundamentals right about the dynamics of gambling. We hope this article was helpful.

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