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5 Tech myths you need to stop believing right now

Take some time and look around, you will find several gadgets surrounding you. We all are so much into gadgets that probably the first thing you look at in the morning is a gadget. Despite of technologies being a part of our life, we never look into the details regarding how it runs. So, it’s obvious that we fall for the truth that lies between perceptions, realities and myths. Hence, to avoid the misconception related to technologies below are the most common 5 tech myths you should ignore completely:

  • More network bars on your mobile indicate better signal

The network bar on your mobile screen does not actually indicate signal strength. They only show the proximity of your phone’s signal to its nearest tower. So, the myth that more of network bars indicate better network signal isn’t true and is false.

  • Do not charge your phone until the battery is dead:

Many people believe that charging their phone when the battery is completely dead is good for the battery life. However, the truth is that there is no harm to charge your phone before the battery is dead. The main reason why the phone’s battery life diminishes is because it has already used many of its charging cycles.

  • Charging your phone overnight can destroy the battery:

Charging the phone overnight does not damage the battery. In fact, phone Batteries these days are made of lithium-ion which is able to stop receiving electricity once it’s fully charged, even when the charger is still plugged in. It is applicable not only to phones but even laptop. So, the myth that charging your phone overnight should be trashed into the bin.

  • Browsing in private mode will always keep you anonymous:

Using private browsing mode in Firefox or browsing in Incognito Mode on Google Chrome, is just a way to tell your browser not to track or save your browsing sessions private data which includes browsing the history, visited sites or cookies. This indeed breaks the myth that browsing in private won’t keep your identity anonymous

  • Mac computers do not get affected by viruses:

Yes, Mac computer do not get affected with virus easily but this is not true. Did you know? Mac computers were infected by Trojan virus, which ultimately removes this myth about Mac Computers. So, if you still believe that Mac computers do not get a virus, then you need to change your mind.

So, now that you are clear about the tech myths, it’s wise enough to stop believing in them.

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