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5 ways to humanize your brand

humanize your brand

Being able to humanize a brand is one of the qualities of the best marketing experts. If we are obsessed with following a script, with controlling every detail, every publication and every keyword, we will surely obtain results, but we will not be able to connect fully with the clients.

The key is to go a step further to d emostrar we not only care about the numbers, but also people . There is no magic formula to humanize your brand in digital marketing , but a series of key details that can show your most kind and genuine side. Do you want to know what they are? Do not miss this article!

5 ways to humanize your brand

1) Be authentic

When a brand is authentic, when it knows who it is and is able to show it to the world, its ideal clients come spontaneously.

The key to humanizing your brand begins with knowing your identity : your values, your objectives and the things that matter to you. These aspects should guide all decisions and actions, from the largest to the smallest.

In particular, this value is key when it comes to selecting your influencers and collaborators. More than the number of followers, see if they really respond to what your brand represents. And if so, go ahead!

2) Share your story

If you want to humanize your brand , you have to be willing to be vulnerable . When you share the history of your brand, you are exposing yourself to criticism. You have to be willing to accept that not everyone will share your mission and values, but those who do will become loyal customers and ambassadors.

What is the history of the founders of your company? Was there a key moment that defined the conception of your brand? What are the unique aspects of your business culture? Whatever your story, dare to share it!

3) Use user-generated content

If you really want to involve your customers, pass them the microphone! One of the best things about social networks is that they allow truly horizontal communication . Instead of controlling each of your company’s publications, allow your users to express themselves. They will feel valued and you will get valuable content to generate trust and show authenticity.

4) Interact with users

There is no better way to show people who you are than to chat with them, so take advantage of every opportunity you can to establish a dialogue . Send representatives to events, always respond to questions and comments from your users and participate in online conversations around your brand. Thus, all your audience will be able to see that customers matter to you and they will see your brand more human .

5) Get involved

Your company is part of the world, and as such, can help create a better world . Involve yourself in events and causes that respond to your mission and values ​​(or even create them from scratch), it will be a great help when it comes to humanizing your brand and showing the world what really matters to you.

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