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5G is the next big innovation after electricity

qualcomm-snapdragon-e1468247031314Qualcomm has launched its fifth generation (5G) Snapdragon 835 chip which they believe can bring in the next industrial revolution that the invenion of electricity or automobile has brought in. Qualcomm CEO Stephen Mollenkopf said at the launch that this 5G processor can make phones smaller, lighter and faster, but it is not just another innovation that is a step above 3G and 4G.

Stephen said that 3G has brought in easier sharing of photos, 4G has brought in easier sharing an d downloading of videos, but 5G will be much more than just something that lets you download videos easily. 5G, he said, will help the World become a closer place, where everyone will be connected all the time. 5G will help all devices communicate with us and with each other. Everything in the World will now be done in real time, i.e. all data shall be shared immediately without any time lag in between.

The invention of electricity and automobiles changed the way we work, changed the way we did business and looked at things. 5G will do the same things with the advent of internet of things. 5G shall allow every device to connect with other devices without having the need to use cables or wires. Qualcomm believes that a smart device should be smart enough to take decisions in case you need it. Like your smart watch or health band should send an emergency SOS to your doctor or the hospital incase of a medical emergency.

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