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6.73 Lakh has given up LPG Subsidy



The Central Government of India has announced that around 6.73 lakh people has given up gas subsidy till date under the “Give It Up” scheme. This figures out to 10,200 members opting out of subsidy each month.

LPG is one of the highest subsidised essential commodity where the Central Government bears the brunt. It is noteworthy to point out in order to avoid misappropriation, Central Government has made Bank Transfer compulsory where in the LPG users needs to pay the full among of an LPG cylinder upfront and the subsidy would be credited back to the public directly into their bank account.

The Government of India has also made AADHAAR mandatory in order to track the users having more than 10 Lakh rupees as income who would be automatically delisted from receiving the subsidy. The present rate of a subsidised refill is Rs.422.43 and that of a non-subsidised cylinder is Rs 746.50 in Chennai. LPG prices are revised once in a month.

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