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6 Indian cities featured in world’s 30 most dynamic places

Showcasing the pace of development occurring in the country, 6 Indian cities have made it to the list of world’s 30 most dynamic places. The cities in the survey were assessed based on various parameters such as managing population growth, building advanced technology infrastructure, ensuring global connectivity, etc.


The results of the survey formed the basis of JLL’s fourth annual City Momentum Index (CMI). Among the various cities surveyed included those from India, Vietnam, China, and the United States. Bengaluru has topped the list, followed by Hyderabad at 5th position, Pune at 13th, Chennai at 18th, Delhi at 23rd and Mumbai at 25th. Half of the top 30 dynamic cities are from the Asia-pacific region. The top 10 include Bengaluru, Ho Chi Minh City, Silicon Valley, Shanghai, Hyderabad, London, Austin, Hanoi, Boston and Nairobi.

“India has taken over from China as home to some of the world’s most dynamic cities. Six Indian cities feature in the CMI Global Top 30, with the country’s primary technology hub, Bangalore, moving into the top spot for the first time,” JLL said. “With more than half the world’s population currently living in cities, a proportion that is expected to grow substantially over the next few decades, the success of our cities takes on great importance,” said Jeremy Kelly, JLL Director in Global Research.

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