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Saturday , 25 May 2019
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6 suspected child lifters lynched in Jharkhand

People in three villages have reportedly lynched 6 suspected child lifters in Jharkhand. The incident occurred yesterday when villagers confronted some people who were moving around in a suspicious manner. The mob was so violent that they did not listen, even when the local police tried to intervene. It has been reported that the police also was targeted by the villagers when they tried to intervene. The agitating villagers burnt two police vehicles during the protest. The incidents of lynching occurred at three different places. The first incident occurred in Sosomoli village, where two people were lynched. In the second incident, one person was lynched in Shobhapur village.

The third incident occurred in Nagadih, where three people were beaten to death. Police officials said that when a police team arrived at the scene, the agitating villagers started throwing stones at the police. This resulted in injuries to some of the police personnel. Police officials said that the people responsible in the first two lynching cases have been identified and action will be taken against them after the investigations are completed. Meanwhile, police also advised people not to believe in rumors so that such incidents can be avoided.

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