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Monday , 27 May 2019
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7 problems every foodie relates to while going out with friends

Are we talking about food? Oh!! That is what I see everywhere. Yes, I am a foodie. I love eating, and getting fat is the least of my concerns. My only dream is to wake up to a platter full of yummilicious food and sleep with a delicious cup of sundaes and waffles. Oh so yummy!! However, apart from being a foodie, I am a human too (Yes, we foodies are above the typical race of people; we are superior). And, I do have friends. Friends, who are not as obsessed with food as I am. They are good mates, but the only thing wrong between us is Food. It becomes a little fussy when we go out to have a quick bite, and all I can face is a hard time making my choices or bearing theirs. If you too are a foodie, you will relate to these seven struggles while going out with friends. After all, we belong to the same “FOODIE CLAN”:

Vegetarians & non-vegetarian partition.

We have two types of people on Earth; one who love non-veg and the other who hate non-vegetarians. Sadly, a few of my friends belong to the latter race. The typical reaction when we are out is the partition of the two races and a war of making better choices. The vegetarians would take an entirely different table or a fixed corner of the table and ensure not to touch our food. Come-on, it’s food, do not disrespect it!!

Wasting Food:

We are foodies, and we worship food. Seeing someone wasting food on his/her plate sets our blood to boil. I mean, how can you be so insensitive towards food?? It may get upset and never come to you mate. Let alone everything; at least think about the hunger in the world. Look at us foodie don’t we look malnourished.

How much do you eat man??

Do everything, but never criticize a foodie for eating. Food is like blood in our veins. And if you cut the supply we could almost die. I am a foodie, and I know how to balance my diet perfectly. We do not have a big stomach than yours, but we have defined rooms inside that let us balance our tastes and desires perfectly.

The untimely nature’s call:

This is a sort of shortcoming of a foodie. We get nature’s call at very untimely hours. Undoubtedly many foodies have mastered the art of control, sadly I am not one of them. If that happens to you too, you must be aware of the looks that your friends give when you break the news. Eww.. Kya yaar Kahin Bhi??

Sophistication and food?? No good for us

We all have some friends who are obsessed with elegance. Like, they will eat a Pizza or Dosa with a Knife and Fork. Yes, they are bizarre. How can you eat food and not feel it. Sophistication and food are not a good combination for us… Right Foodies??

I am on a diet:

Every group has some dieters, and I hate being in their company. They have their particular choice of food when you go out. Not only this, they come to criticize your food choice and say “Teri Bhature main kitna tel hai!!” Dude, that is an offense. Keep yourself to your plate.

The Shanivaar, Mangalwaar & Veervar friends:

Not only Brahmins but nowadays people have made this a trend that they cannot eat nonveg on some auspicious days. Fine, it’s your choice. But, the problem comes when they ask you to do so. “Yar, aaj mangalwaar hai chal veg khaate hain”. I want to eat momos and if I am a non-vegetarian, veg momos are nothing for me. What do I do? Should I call off our friendship right away??

Hail to all foodies who are still in terms with people making such remarks. They might be your friends but, nothing can come between you and your food, Right foodies?

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