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7 Reasons For Married Women To Invest In A Property

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Generally, women are known for their rational approach toward spending hard earned money. They are very calculative when it comes to segregate the money for the different purposes. In all walks of life, women have inherent quality of saving more than their men counterpart. Also, females manage the budget of home; so they have practical idea about how to use money more objectively. When it comes to make strategy and pick a sector to invest money for high dividends, they just ponder upon with professional outlook and consider nothing put yielding profit out of their investments.

Hence, they prefer to go with minimum risk and maximum profit.  Women are generally possessed with owning home and land. This is one of the reasons that tilts them toward picking properties to invest money.

Moreover, few decades from now, the investment in properties was subject to high class and man oriented business but now money influx in middle class and prevailing and dominating feminism wave has empowered women at large which resulted some sort of gender equality in terms of earning money and having say in in the decision making process in the family. The properties are rather a money making cycle which yields almost guaranteed benefits till time one possesses them.

Here are the seven reasons why a married woman prefers to put up her money in the properties-

  1. Safe from the loss and almost sure dividend

After analysing the volatility in the most of investment options, women prefer to invest money in buying properties as there is very less chance of loss and the rate of properties have been increasing over the years. Market research suggests that even during distress in market, the rate of properties sustain its value. And except some exceptional scenarios, in general, the capital amount is never wiped away due to bearish market.

2.Social reasons

Not only in the developing country like India but even in developed European countries like United Kingdom (UK) has witnessed a surge in the data of properties owned by women. In India,the property provides womena social security as well. In some cases, parents buy home or land for daughter to be married so that there would be an extra earning from home rent for her. Also, during any crisis, the piece of land can be sold. In other cases, women invest to secure their old age. In case their children do not care them during their last phase of life, they would have financial option to survive.  A married woman is always extra conscious for the future of her children and she feels that properties are something that can give a financial security to her children. She can sell her properties for the study of her children or marriage of her daughter. She can also transfer the properties to her children when she will leave the world. 

3.Extra source of income

It is woman who suffers most due to low salary or business loss of husband as she is the person who has to deal with range of expenditures from groceries to children’s tuition fees and from electricity bill to monthly milk cost. In middle class, the list of expenditures is too long against the salary or income of husband. Often, we see a wife in low income home nags as she has to struggle to manage so many expenditures. Hence, a woman prefers to buy a home or shop to give on rent for monthly extra income. Subsequently, the rent comes from properties is a breather and a big booster to run the home.

4.Less calculation and straight business

Women, who are not from commerce background in terms of their education, prefer not to fall in a business that required vast knowledge of trade and astute of bull and bear in share market. For them, the buying property and getting rent or dividend after selling it is a very easy and straight business to tackle. Generally, a bandwidth of house wife is very tight because of endless work of home; so, she wants put up her money into a business that requires less energy and minimal attentions.Meanwhile, the buying properties and putting them on rent are a kind of business that suits most to women.

5.Sense of empowerment

As India is a patriarch society, the identity of women or their rights or their presence are somewhere down the line overlooked. For the married women owning properties earns respect and importance in the society. After having ownership of home or land, women are addressed as landlady or landlord which also gives them a sense of pride. Moreover, possession of properties boosts their social status in home and outside. Even, psychologists say that the possessing of land gives sense of self-esteem to women. As women are every good at engaging in social affairs they can get good buyers or sellers easily for getting profit in the deal.

6.Woman possesses inherent skillssuitable property investor

A woman owns some inherent skills that suit most to areal estate investor. A woman is a good communicator, a good negotiator and a good manager at home these are the key factors to do well in the properties dealing business. Woman’s extra caring nature also gives an edge to care the condition of her home or land. She frequently checks the health of her home or flat or shop that she gave on rent.A woman is also blessed with sixth sense to identify good people, her intuition provides a way to pick right tenants for giving her properties on rent or lease. Pride factor in possessing some property is always high in married woman compare to male which also drives her in property dealing.

7.Married woman are best at maintaining relationship

Buying and selling properties involvein a chain of professionals and one can do better only when one can build good rapport among them. As married woman is brilliant in maintaining relationship with people, she can deal with more proficiency with agents, lawyers, insurance providers, builders, and of course with tenants that gives an edge her to do better compare to male counterpart. 

So, these are the 7 reasons why married women should invest in the properties. Investment is the saving that she believes in, and the best part of this saving is you save and enjoy in the fruit in both present and future times.

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