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8 lesser known lakes in Ladakh

lakes in ladakh

Ladakh is one of the most beautiful places in India. There are many factors which make this particular place beautiful. The climate of this place is so amazing that the people have no choice but to fall in love with the place. The homeliness of the native people and the hospitality with which they are going to treat the tourists is another thing which is going to attract the people. The Ladakhi culture is so disciplined that the people will stay stuck to it once they get to know it and see it through a very close eye. Above all this, for a person who does not know all this deeper part, it is just the beautiful place places that he will be able to visit and Ladakh is full of them. In case you are wanting to take a tour of this place, then Abhibus coupons are going to see to it that they will help you out.

Ladakh is a place of lakes. There are many lakes which are very much beautiful and it is necessary that one should not miss out on the beauty. Out of the many lakes which are existing, there are few lakes in Ladakh which are very beautiful yet they do not receive as much attention as they should be receiving. Here is some light on the lakes which go unnoticed for that matter.

  1. Tso Ltak:
    This is one of the most beautiful lakes that you will be able to find in Ladakh. One of the most important factors which makes the lake very much lovely is the thing that it is located in between a valley which is at a little farther distance as you go across the Changa pass. Though this lake is very beautiful, most people tend to skip this lake because of the reason that they are very much focused on the bigger and the more famous lake, Pangong Tso. It so happened that a Chennai based environmentalist raised a campaign and this particular lake came into the picture.
  2. Chagar Tso:
    This lake is pretty infamous but then the people who have visited this lake will not be able to stop talking about this lake. This is one of those lakes which has got a thing of inducing positive sense into people with its charm for that matter. The main specialty of this lake is that there are various birds which migrate to this particular lake and it is a beautiful site. There are many rare birds which you will be able to witness and this is what makes the lakes very much attractive as such.
  3. Startspuk Tso:
    Most people do not know about this lake very much and they often tend to skip this lake for that matter. The people skip this lake because of the reason that it does not have a proper road on which the motorists and the people can travel to see this beauty. The one road which connects this lake to the people is all filled with extra sand and gravel making it inconvenient to drive. This lake is situated on a barren land and has a vast expanse of land which makes it beautiful.
  4. The white lake:
    The White lake is the common name which is given to the lake and the actual mane of the lake is Tso Kar. This particular lake is situated on the Manali highway close to the place, Leh. This is one most beautiful lakes in existence. This lake contains white salt deposits on the shore of the lake which makes the lake to be called as the white lake.
  5. Yaye Tso:
    The thing about this particular lake is that it is a volcano lake. The people have not seen able to explore this lake because of the road which connects to this particular lake. Though there is a village near by the same name of the lake, the people have been ignoring this lake because of the difficulty in reaching the lake. The lake is surrounded by the quick sand and one should see to it that they are very careful because it might cause trouble to the cars or the vehicles which are trying to enter the lake.
  6. Yarab Tso:
    This particular lake is located in the Nubra valley and the people are very much ignorant about this place. It is located near the Panamik village and the people of the village consider this lake or rather pond to be holy for that matter. This lake is like a wish pond and the people believe that the things you ask for are definitely going to happen. The local people of the village are very particular about this lake and if you are going to visit the village when you should surely make it a point to visit the lake as well.
  7. Mirpal Tso:
    This particular lake is not exactly infamous. The people know that this lake existed but then they never make it a point to visit the lake because of the bad roads which are a major problem. But then, there are alternate routes which are unknown to the people and they are not very popular among the crown. This lake is situated in between the mountains and the people should make it a point to visit and witness the beauty of this particular lake.
  8. Tso Kiagar:
    This lake is often ignored because of the point that it is located on the way to the Tso Moriri and the people are very much enthusiastic to know about the famous lake and skip on this lake. This lake has got vast expanse of land and the people can even pitch tents if they would like to. The people can even lookout for wildlife while they are at this lake.

These are few unfamiliar lakes and the people should not miss out on these lakes. They should make it a point to visit these beauties.

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