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Saturday , 25 May 2019
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8 Tips on how to dress well and stay comfortable

Fashion and comfort would not always go together, but the best dressing would be the one that rightly blends fashion, style, and comfort. With right choices, it is now possible to dress up in the most stylish way without compromising on comfort. To make things easier, here are the 8 tips you can follow to always find yourself a comfort wear that would also make you steal the show!

  1. Evaluate your wardrobe

Get rid of all the uncomfortable stuff at once. If you don’t feel like throwing it away then put those dresses in separate drawer or shelf. All that you find in the wardrobe should be comfortable and stylish. Keeping only those clothes in sight that fit to your comfy style would reduce your pain of finding the perfect dress every time. You will be sure of finding only the comfy clothing whenever you head to the wardrobe.

  1. Perfect fit is comfy fit

You might get tempted to that outfit, which is just few threads smaller but if you don’t want to compromise on comfort then just don’t buy it! Even when the outfit is just little tight here or there, it will end up giving you a lot of discomfort when you wear it. Perfect fit is the comfy fit. Perfect fit means not too loose or not too tight. Now you will think that loose clothing is always comfortable then why it cannot be considered comfy fit? The reason is that loose clothing would be comfortable, but not stylish, hence stay away from them.

  1. Follow the neutral track

You don’t need all shades in your wardrobe. Different colours for different moods may work well, but that will increase your confusion. Stick to the neutral shades, so that you can mix and match anything with everything. This will increase your dressing options. Have whites, blues, and blacks stocked up for flawless combinations.

  1. Layering always works

Comfort would not always mean fitting. Comfortable clothes are also the ones that keep your body comfortable at all temperatures. The current trend is about layering the clothes smartly. Your selection of clothes should be such that you can layer them up anywhere. A camisole, tank top, T-shirt, cardigan, jacket, long-sleeved shirt, and stole are all good for layering. If you are flying to some distant destination, then anticipate the changes in temperature and keep the layering options ready. Even when you are travelling from colder to hotter region, dress up in such a way that you can easily remove the layers to adapt to the new temperature.

  1. Breathable fabrics are must!

Your body will start craving for air if the fabric is not breathable. Synthetics in summers would make you uncomfortable in just few minutes. The same style can be designed in different fabrics. Let your designer do the brainstorming to get you the dress designed in breathable fabric. A comfortable fabric gives you comfortable dressing.

  1. Mind your steps

Love for high heel sandals is understandable, but your feet won’t like it for sure. For longer duration travel plans where you would be walking or standing constantly, it is advisable to wear only flats. There are many designs available in flat shoes and sandals. A beautiful designed flip-flop would also give you the perfect look for the beach party or Sunday brunch. Find the best deals on footwear and stock up different styles for different occasions from

  1. Comfortable party wear or mood booster

Keeping the neutral shades in the wardrobe may be good, but you also need mood boosters for those Lift—Me—Up moments. Find your favourite colours and work on the comfortable design. Keep this comfy mood boosters for the special occasions.

  1. Easy to wear and remove

Studies have shown that people like to wear only those clothes that are easy to wear and remove. The outfits that feel comfortable after putting on but take lot of time while wearing or removing will lose their charm. Go for simple but stylish options as complicated is not comfortable.

Next time you are heading to a party, dating a friend, going for shopping, or travelling to your favourite destination, make sure you are wearing stylish but comfy outfit that keeps you cool!


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