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A Compelling, True Account of American Patriotic History from Author Gary Anton

If you’re a true patriot of America, this book is for you.

In his latest book, Super World Citizens, author Gary Anton reveals a side of American political history the world has never seen or heard of before.

Readers will be intrigued to learn more of history’s secrets with Anton’s book.
At one point in history, there was a group of ordinary American citizens that became involved with US foreign policy and global intelligence. This particular group became well-known in the circles of Washington DC, forging connections across several agencies and with numerous high-level officials, even up to the office of the president of the United States.

Gary Anton relates how the group practically ended the Cold War with the Soviet Union with the help of their intelligence sources. It also helped to liberate several countries that were ruled by brutal, dictatorial despots. Then a controversial scandal erupted and spread nationwide. It spelled the beginning of the end for the group as it was abruptly pushed aside as a result of the scandal.

Gary Anton has extensive knowledge of the doings of the group. Though for many years he had to lie low with what he knew, recently he began to realize that the time to reveal what really happened had come. Now is that time, and he invites you, the reader, to learn about the the details of that significant period of American history.

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