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Saturday , 25 May 2019
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A five-year-old girl Bella wins CBS Kids competition in Canada

A 5 years old girl Bella won a competition in which she will get educational programming. CBC kids aim to give education programming training in Canada to the children. As a winner, she will be having a great prize. She received the opportunity to take her kin to Canada’s prime minister’s office.

CBC Kids made photos of Canada’s prime office appeared on social media channels. 

Justin Trudeau tweeted that in the office revamping was done and we praise to CBC kids for carrying Bella & her kin to the office.

In CBC kids’ competition, kids were required to write if they were prime minister of Canada Bella wrote it as if she was the prime minister, she would get everyone homes and secure to everyone. She would enfold everybody and animals are safe, she would make sure. Everyone should be healthy and she will be kind to everybody.

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