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Friday , 18 January 2019
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A. K. Bir excited about 'Antardhwani – Inner Voice'

Mumbai, Aug 24 (IANS) National Award winning cinematographer-filmmaker A. K. Bir has announced his new film titled “Antardhwani – Inner Voice”.

After working on it for the last two years, Bir says he is happy with the way the project has turned out.

“This is a project that I have been working on for the last two years. I prepared many drafts and rejected many, until I reached the final draft, where I thought the story is being communicated the way I wanted it to be,” he said.

“In the process, I met Rajesh Mohanty (the producer) and Swapna Pati (the lead actress), who were curious and interested to do some project. I told them it is not a conventional kind of project. The film will be different in terms of its sensitivity and depth. They immediately agreed and said that they want to do something like this. That’s how the film started,” Bir added.

Bir likes to challenges himself.

“I love challenging situations, in fact, I create such situations which gives me an opportunity to find new ways and different approach towards things, despite the execution getting tougher,” said Bir, who has been a cinematographer for films like “Gharonda”, “Khatta Meetha” and “Hamari Bahu Alka”.

Talking about the plot of “Antardhwani – Inner Voice”, Bir said: “It is about a young mind’s response to an unlawful activity which gradually has an inclination towards crime. The young mind then begins its journey of introspection and slowly goes into realisation. That’s all that I can reveal at this time, rest you will know when the film will release.”

Asked if it is difficult to work with new actors, Bir said: “No matter who you work with, they have to make a conscious effort.

“They could be excellent actors, but for the characterisation to take place, you have to put certain inputs to activate their potential. How you use that potential and how you are going to relate it to the character depends on the director. That’s the challenge a director has to take up.”

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