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A Man Dears Climbing Trees Upside Down from Haryana

The story is from Haryana, which reveals that a man from the city loves to climb upside down on the trees. Well, it not such strange activity when someone climbs on the tree but yet climbing upside down is quite unheard that too has passion or hobby. And therefore appears an unusual task.

He is Mukesh Kumar who likes climbing trees. He told that he started climbing trees upside down when he was a 13-years-old boy. Everyone climbs straight up typically and he believed to climb upside down and this will be a different and unique example.

Mukesh Kumar also said that he had many injuries during such upside down climbing on trees but still he kept on practising it, as he loved it as passion. In starting, he was unable to climb completely on the tree, merely he was able to climb two to three feet maximum, later on, he was continuous practising and finally, he gained the skill to climb tall trees easily. He is a construction worker at present.

He said that he is always searching for taller trees to climb so that he can establish huge passion satisfaction. He claimed that he can hike a 50-foot tree in below five minutes and wishes to set a Guinness World Record for his skill of climbing tree upside down, moreover hope to make some additional money for his family.

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