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A new revolution begins in bespoke clothing business with the launch of BESPOCUT

Technology has been consistently transforming the way businesses operate and interact with other businesses and their customers. In yet another technology disruption that is set to revolutionize the bespoke clothing business, a new innovation has been launched called BESPOCUT. The bespoke clothing business in India had remained largely untouched by technology, but now things will change with Bespocut, which is a techno-commercial business enablement platform. A B2B platform, Bespocut will enable the next stage of evolution in bespoke clothing business and allow designers in India to provide world-class bespoke clothing services to their customers. Utilizing Bespocut’spioneering cloud platform, designers in India will be able to match and quality and finesse of bespoke clothing, as customers normally find in Savile Row or Hong Kong.

The team was invited to witness the launch of Bespocut. We had our biases, but after the launch event, we were really amazed with the deep insights and advanced technology that have been used to create the Bespocut platform. It became quite easy for us to realize that Bespocut will prove to be a game changerfor ambitious stylists, designers and bespoke entrepreneurs in India. Bespocut offers wide ranging benefits to these people and when they associate with Bespocut, they are tagged as Bespocut’s Style Partners and provided with a Virtual Studio on Wheels. The Virtual Studio kit comes with a tablet featuring an exclusive app, tool boxes and boxed swatches. It’s like carrying your entire bespoke clothing business with you, something that is truly remarkable and very convenient and useful for bespoke clothing entrepreneurs.

Utilizing Bespocut’s pioneering cloud based application,designers in India can access premium fabrics, linings, and trims fromthe best mills in Europe and the UK. Each product comes with its seal of authenticity, which ensures complete satisfaction and peace of mind for customers as well as bespoke clothing entrepreneurs. Another benefit is that bespoke clothing entrepreneurs will not have to worry about maintaining a huge inventory, as all orders can be processed using just-in-time delivery. This will significantly improve efficiency and help reduce costs related to inventory management. Supply chain logistics issues are also eliminated since all shipments are delivered at the doorstep.

At the launch event, Bespocut talked about its future plans, which includes the target of introducing the platform in 30 cities of India in the first year of its operations. Bespocut aims to acquire 500+ style partners in the first two years of its operations. The company is also planning to start lead generation activities, so that its Style Partners can benefit from new clients.

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