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A Thrilling Tale about Families, Homelands, Drugs, Redemption, and the Dividing Rio Grande

A Texas cowboy, a ranchero’s daughter, two teenage boys, and a young pilot all become enmeshed in this thrilling tale aptly titled The Tick Rider. William Street, author of the memoir The Windmill Tilter, comes back to the literary world with a heart-pounding and moving novel about the lives of these protagonists and what happens to them when they become involved and associated with a dangerous drug cartel.

In The Tick Rider, readers are told the story of a Texan cowboy who is charged with rounding up tick-carrying Mexican livestock and who meets a ranchero’s daughter and becomes involved with her. They also meet Miguel and Guillermo, two teenagers who yearn for a life of adventure and opportunity and who ultimately find what they’re looking for when they begin the dangerous trek toward America. They also get to know a young pilot by the name of Alejandro, who works for the cartel and who is tasked with the risky job of unloading cocaine in the mountains of Guatemala, where he finds more than he bargained for. As the reach of the cartel widens and its grip becomes tighter, these characters are led to make difficult decisions for themselves.

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