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Thursday , 18 July 2019
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A ton of khichdi sets a new Guinness world record

Some people may term it as a popularity stunt, but a new Guinness world record has been created nonetheless. The record is for the largest amount of khichdi to be cooked in a single pot. The Guinness world record has been set during the ongoing World India Food event, which has been organized by the government of India in the national capital. The purpose of the Guinness record is to familiarize the international audience about Indian food and to let them know how healthy and beneficial it can be. The khichdi in India is just as diverse as its various communities and there are various recipes for the same. However, the basic ingredients are the same such as rice and lentils. Various other herbs and vegetables can be added based on the type of recipe.

To set a new Guinness record, the organizers cooked 918 kg of khichdi, which is almost a ton of khichdi. The mega khichdi was cooked by a team of 50 people and there were some celebrities as well such as Sanjeev Kapoor and Baba Ramdev. The khichdi was prepared using rice, lentils, cereals and various vegetables. Guinness World Records’ Project Manager Paulina Sapinska said that they are satisfied with the technical details of the event and are happy to add this new feat in the Guinness world records. Khichdi is currently being promoted as ‘Brand India’ food and the aim is to position it as a highly nutritive and healthy food that can be prepared quite easily. After Yoga, khichdi may also become popular around the world.

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