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AAP International organizes a felicitation programme to honour ACP Govind Sharma and SHO Anant Kumar

for their unflinching support to the elderly people

New Delhi, March 22, 2019 In a world where ageism is a growing threat, AAP International, an organisation committed to empowering senior citizens, recently organised a felicitation programme to honour the services of ACP of Kalkaji Thana, Shri Govind Sharma and SHO of Thana Amar Colony, Shri  Anant Kumar Gunjan on 19th March 2019. They were cordially invited and felicitated by Mahesh Chand Sharma, Chairman, AAP International for their significant contribution towards creating a safe and caring community for the elderly.

 From youths in their early 20s to baby boomers in their late 90s, people from Greater Kailash, Sant Nagar, Kailash Colony, Moolchand, and Lajpat Nagar came together in this event and expressed their gratitude to Shri Govind Sharma and Shri Anant Kumar Gunjan who are always kind and supportive to elderly people of their areas. Amongst the attendees, approximately a hundred of senior citizens and super senior citizens were present on the occasion.

Always known for its grassroots initiatives towards making society more respectful towards senior citizens and children, AAP International once again took the opportunity to urge people that their collaborative efforts can build a better place for older people to live with dignity and honour. The event also witnessed an exchange of ideas and the sharing of unique and individual perspectives on issues such as ageism, abuse against the elderly, and their abandonment that needs to be tackled at the earliest. In wake of this, ACP Govind Sharma and SHO Anant Kumar Gunjan guided the senior citizens on how they can protect themselves from any kind of crime and abuse.

On this moment of getting appreciation from elderly people, ACP of Kalkaji Thana, Shri Govind Sharma, said, “For government servants like me, the real award is the love and respect of people to whom we are appointed and responsible.”

“For any immediate help, you call me directly at any time and without any hesitation. To protect and support you is not just my duty but moral responsibility, too,” while sharing his personal contact number with elderly people sitting there, Shri Govind Sharma further commented. 

Marginalization of senior citizens is one of the biggest challenges that society is facing today. Being compassionate towards the elderly and acknowledging their wisdom with kindness can make a big difference in the lives of hundreds of thousand senior citizens.

Showing respect to elders and addressing the attendees, Mahesh Chand Sharma, Chairman, AAP International said, “Each and every person present here is an indispensable part of our society, I would like to express my heartiest thanks to all of you. Your gracious presence is evidence of how much care and respect our elders deserve. They had dedicated their lives to the betterment of our society and the future of their posterity. This is the time that we should dedicate a part of us to their social inclusion and well-being. I hope this small initiative by AAP International stirs in you the warmth of love and respect towards the elderly. Together, we can make them live the rest of their lives with utmost dignity and kindness. I would also like to pay tribute to the senior citizens who made us who we are today. Your values will always remain with us and your culture will always breathe alive in us. Thank you.”

Mahesh Sharma, paying respect to super senior citizens, obliged them with shawls and wished them good fortune. He also shared that AAP International is planning to organise various camps free of cost for senior citizens, including dental checkup, overall health checkup, as well as yoga and laughter camp. AAP International will also be providing pick and drop facilities for senior citizens making it convenient and comfortable to visit the camps and get their checkup done.

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