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ABOVE Solutions develops Deepak Chopra ‘Non-Local’ Meditation app DTS

The ABOVE Solutions Inc. has partnered with DTS, a leader in audio technology to bring immersive 3D audio experience via a mobile app.

ABOVE has executed a ‘Deepak Chopra: Non-Local’ mobile app, built on DTS-HeadphoneX technology http://www[dot]headphonex[dot]com/. This app is based on industry leading 3D immersive sound technology that is powered by DTS-HeadPhoneX and the mobile is built in house by ABOVE.The HeadphoneX technology from DTS, enhances the user’s listening experience with normal head phones into a 3D immersive panoramic listening experience.

An evolution of sounds, the Non Local brings together the first album “Healing the Heart Meditations”- a celebration of poetry of Rumi with a new and fresh musical approach, commemorating the international year of  Mawlana Jalal ad- Din Balkhi Rumi narrated for the very first time by Deepak Chopra, and recorded at the DTS studios.

Please follow the link to download the android version of the app:


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