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Tuesday , 18 June 2019
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ACCF drives cancer awareness efforts in Morigaon to mark World Cancer Week

The 88th annual conference of Srimanta Shankardev Sangha started today at Morigaon in Assam. In the four-day annual conference Assam Cancer Care Foundation (ACCF) will create awareness on oral, breast and cervical cancer; will mobilise people about screening of common cancers after the age of 30 years; make people aware about the ill-effect of consuming tobacco and conduct live enforcement of ‘tobacco-free zone’ in the entire conference area.

Through the 88th Annual Conference of SANKAR DEV SANGHA at Morigaon from Feb 6-9, ACCF intends to reach out to the people who will gather for the conference and will sensitise them by collaborating with different local stakeholders. Today, the volunteers of the National Service Scheme from Morigaon College helped in the distribution of leaflets. The volunteers also moved with the Police official to enforce tobacco control on the area. In a gathering of about 5000 youth, experts spoke on tobacco control and oral cancer.

Vara Prasad, CEO of Assam Cancer Care Foundation (ACCF) said, “Cancer is widespread today and the state of Assam has been burdened very heavily by the increasing number of new cancer cases being reported every year. The most important reason for this is because of the high consumption of tobacco among the adult population in Assam and lack of adequate awareness of screening of common cancers in the Health and Wellness Centres.”

it is to be mentioned that 48.2% adult population in Assam consume tobacco products due to which every year 32,000 new cancer cases are detected. This event will reach 30 lakh local people in this conference, in which NSS volunteers and youth group of the Sangha will help to promote awareness of tobacco and cancer.

The message of tobacco control and preventive measures for common cancer will be distributed in form of leaflets, banners, standees, youth talks, tableau(3D model of Health and Wellness Centre, COTPA enforcement in schools and public place, photo collage of the awareness campaign of ACCF)  and street plays amid gathering of 30 lakh people in the conference for four days.

In collaboration with District Tobacco Control Cell, a “Tobacco-Free Zone” will be created by law enforcement through police, youth volunteers and display of signage at different locations of the conference area.


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