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Acid attacks: How can they be stopped?

Acid attacks are very rarely deadly, but victims may be left scarred, blinded, otherwise disabled and heavily traumatized. Throwing acid is often done with the malicious intention to make the victim suffer and cause grievous hurt, which in fact is worse than a murder and worldwide 80% of the victims are women. However, in the absence of effective laws to punish such an offender, the offender often goes scot free even after such a heinous crime. I feel that we should initiate some remedial action in this matter.

The acid victim dies a hundred death so a law should be made to try these crimes under attempt to murder. It is proposed that, acid should be considered as lethal as a gun and it not be easily available in the retail shops.

Acid above 20% concentrated form should be sold from a shop with license as such acid can cause permanent injury. The source and the supplier of the acid should be included into the category of the “Offender”. Not only the person throwing acid but also the person making the acid available to the offender along with the dealer are partners in crime and should be included in the category of “Offender”.

DR ANUP DHIR, Senior Consultant Plastic surgeon, Apollo Hospital Delhi & Past President, Indian Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons said, “The government should set up a guideline for early medical surgical treatment and appoint a panel of specialists at different levels / regions of the country and ensure enough funding is available for this”.

Dr Dhir says, “Sentence of 20 years delivered within 8 months for such a crime as awarded recently in UK is perhaps the right way to deal with this problem”.


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